Classic tasting

Guided tour of the vineyards and the winery, explanation of Roero area, followed by a tasting of 3 Malabaila wines with breadsticks, including the white Roero Arneis, 1 young red wine called Barbera d’Alba MezzaVilla, finishing with aged red wine, Roero Bric Volta(depending on seasonal availability).

Price: 18 € per person

Wine Tasting at the Castle

Guided tour of the sumptuous Malabaila castle, in the center of Canale, explanation of Roero, with a subsequent tasting of 4 wines, including the Roero Arneis, the Barbera d’Alba MezzaVilla, the Langhe Nebbiolo, and the Roero Bric Volta (depending on seasonal availability).
The tasting is combined with a mixed cutting board of local products.

Price: 45€ per person (min. 6 persons)

Roero & Wine

Panoramic hiking trail through the vineyards and hazel groves of the company and the silent woods that surround the company, lasting 30 minutes, following a special map. Guided tour of the winery, followed by tasting of local products and 4 wines, including Roero Arneis, Barbera d’Alba MezzaVilla, Langhe Nebbiolo e Roero Bric Volta (depending on seasonal availability).

Price: 25 € a person
Price for guided trekking tour: 35 € a person

Picnic in the vineyard

After a guided tour of the rows of the Roero and a visit to the wine fermentation and aging cellars, you will experience a typical Italian picnic, sitting in the middle of the vineyards and Roero nature.

Price: 40 € a person
(free until 14 years old, € 15 if under 18 years old)

Roero Bike tour

When was the last time you spent time on yourself and your well-being?
Today you recognize the pleasure of being outdoors, of making movement and enjoying nature through a bike ride through the hills of Roero. And after a bit of healthy sport, take a moment to be a real gourmet: an interesting guided tour of the winery, followed by a tasting of 3 wines of the company (Roero Arneis, Barbera d’Alba MezzaVilla and Roero Bric Volta) and tasting of local produts.

Price: 50€ a person

Truffle Experience

Enjoy the magic experience of the hunt in the woods with a very experienced and charismatic “trifolau” (truffle hunter) and his trusty dog, followed by the delight of savoring the truffle with a memorable aperitif. This is a very educative experience and allows learning all you need to know about the local White Truffle, which is the most precious local products. For the White Truffle, the best time for this experience is from October to December. The Black Truffle can be found nearly all year around.

Price: 65 € a person

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