Mezzavilla, Barbera d’Alba Superiore

Vineyard belonging to the possession of Cascina Vallaretto, property of Canale Malabaila’s Counts from 1583, year of purchase by Roero’s Counts (Malabaila’s archive, bunch 69).        

Castelletto, Roero Riserva

In the year 1362, it appears in the divisions between the Malabaila. Guidetto receives possessions in Canale, near the Church of San Martino, including “vineam Montiserrati in finibus et posse Castelletti” that was part of the ancient feud of Castelletto, as it will appear in …

Donna Costanza, Langhe Favorita

In the year 1508 the Count Daniele Channel Malabaila buys “im montem Bonvicini terram, gerbum, boscum et pratum cum motta ibidem existente…”      

Cardunaj, Red Wine

Cardunay is the name of the soil composed of a vineyard and the oldest forest in the property of Malabaila. Roman authors mention a sweet and aromatic wine, ‘vinum acquense “, perhaps the wine with aphrodisiac virtue, used by Julius Caesar and then by Marcantonio …

Donna Costanza, Birbet

Birbet (the rascal) is the name that distinguishes Brachetto wine produced in the Roero, obtained from the Brachetto long cluster. Birbet was always been considered the wine for the party, “the women’s wine”. It also boasts historical attentions of his presence in the area: the …