Cardunaj, Red Wine

Cardunay is the name of the soil composed of a vineyard and the oldest forest in the property of Malabaila. Roman authors mention a sweet and aromatic wine, ‘vinum acquense “, perhaps the wine with aphrodisiac virtue, used by Julius Caesar and then by Marcantonio to conquer Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.



Technical notes 
DenominationRed wine
TypologyRed wine
Grape variety100 % Brachetto
Vineyard age20 years
ExposureSouth, south-west
Altitude200-250 m above sea level
Cultivation practices and treatmentsLow environmental impact and integrated farming according to EU guidelines
HarvestManual, into 18 kg boxes
Training systemGuyot Double
Wine making processSoft pressing of chosen whole bunches in temperature-controlled stainless steel
Yield per hectare85 q/ha
Ageing and maturingSteel
ColorBright red
BouquetVery aromatic bouquet, rich and broad, powerful pink, cherry blossoms and raspberries
TasteIn the mouth is expected a sweet taste, announced by nose, but the surprise are the refined and sapid tannins, making it one of a kind
Served with
Perfect with complex dishes such as risotto with asparagus, artichokes and ethnic spicy courses
Serving temperature16-18°