Donna Costanza, Birbet

Birbet (the rascal) is the name that distinguishes Brachetto wine produced in the Roero, obtained from the Brachetto long cluster. Birbet was always been considered the wine for the party, “the women’s wine”. It also boasts historical attentions of his presence in the area: the Ampelographic Bulletin, in 1879, indicates the existence of Brachetto grapes only in the Roero.


Technical notes 
DenominationPartially fermented grape must
TypologyMPF varietal red
Grape varietyNative black grapes
Year of planting1995
ExposureSouth, south-west
Vineyard altitude200-250 m above sea level
Cultivation practices and treatmentsLow environmental impact and integrated farming according to EU guidelines
HarvestManual, into 18 kg boxes
Training systemGuyot Double
Wine making processSoft pressing of chosen whole bunches and fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel
Yield per hectare80 q/ha
Ageing and maturingSteel
ColorBright red tending to fuchsia
BouquetVery aromatic bouquet in wich emerges the rose, the raspberry, the cherry and orange flowers
TasteThe taste is lively and it opens in a balanced symphony of flowers and fruit. Prevail raspberries and wild strawberries with a delicate and balanced final
Served withIt fits perfectly with light desserts, like fresh fruit and ice cream, pandoro and panettone
Serving temperature14-15 °C