Malabaila 1362, VSQ Pas Dosè Metodo Classico

  • Client: Sparkling wine
  • Services: VSQ
Technical notes 
TypologySparkling Wine
Grape varietyNative grapes
Year of planting1970-1975
Vineyard altitude240 m above sea level
Cultivation practices and treatmentsLow environmental impact and integrated farming according to EU guidelines
HarvestManual, into 18 kg boxes
Training systemGuyot Double
Wine making process12 hour maceration. Soft pressing with one-month fermentation at a controlled temperature. Sparkling at 12 °C
Yield per hectare80 q/ha
Ageing and maturingIn bottle, on the lees for 5 years
ColorVery light cold yellow, creamy froth with fine and persistent perlage
BouquetNote of jasmine and white flowers
TasteFreshness in the nose and body. Aromas of white flowers and citrus notes emerge, followed by a lime finish
Served withExcellent as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to crudités and oysters
Serving temperature9-12 °C